Trailer Street Fighter V – Dhalsim Reveal Trailer

Written by Twisted Ideas

Look who’s back. Arguably the most annoying character to fight against, Dhalsim is back with a whole new bag of tricks and rocking a wicked beard. On top of his long limbs and teleports, Dhalsim has new Yoga Fire traps. One is an arcing ball of fire, another is a his Yoga Flame that launches from the ground and can be used in the air and what seems to be is V-Skill is a flame carpet that unblockable but deals no hit stun either. He also has a phasing move that looks like his teleport stance. He can delay is movements in the air and even shift himself. Characters who could change trajectory in the air always throws people off. Dhalsim looks like he’ll be a monster in Street Fighter V and maybe even fun to play for once.


News Nintendo Digital Event E3 2015 Impressions

Written by Twisted Ideas

Again Nintendo chose to forgo a big press conference at E3 and chose to have their Nintendo World Championship stream and what they called their Nintendo Digital Event.

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