News Fallout 4 DLC announced

Written by Twisted Ideas

fallout 4 dlc banner

Have you had your fill of Fallout 4 yet? Probably not but Bethesda finally announced the first run of DLC for our favorite wasteland game. Automatron will retail for $9.99 on March, 2016. Wasteland Workshop will retail for $4.99 on April, 2016 and the largest DLC, Far Harbour will retail for $24.99 on May 2016. Bethesda has expanded on their original plans for their DLC therefore their Season Pass will increase in price. However if you buy the Season Pass before March 1 you will receive the announced and future DLC planned for release in 2016. If you’re at all interested in getting more Fallout then it’s in your best interest to buy the Season Pass to save yourself a lot of money, or you could wait for a Game of the Year Edition, whenever that will come out.



Review Far Cry 4

Written By Twisted Ideas


Ubisoft is an interesting developer. They are one of the most hit or miss triple A developers and their failures often overshadows the great games they produce. Far Cry is one of their triple A titles that hasn’t been run into the ground nor has it over promised and under delivered. It has been nearly a year since it was released and is a cheaper title to get but is Far Cry 4 something worth adding to your collection?

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Trailers Trailers From Last Week – 3/1/2015 – War on Yetis

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We’re soon approaching the end of the Arkham series with all of Batman’s rogue gallery arming themselves to finally bring down the bat. Batman has been in these situations before but with the Arkham Knight looming over the city will Batman win the night?

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Review Far Cry 3

Written by Twisted Ideas


Released late last year and one of the Game of the Year nominees Ubisoft’s Far Cry series returns. Far Cry has always raised the bar in terms of graphics, scope and the first person perspective. Far Cry 2 stood out by adding more realism than seen in shooters. Far Cry 3 scaled back realism for convenience but does that make it a better game?

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E3 2012 Press Conferences Coverage

Written by Afroson

The biggest event annually for gamers and game developers congregate in Los Angeles. E3  or Electronic Entertainment Expo is a gamer’s paradise to witness exclusive game trailers, demos, big announcements of well-known game developers and anticipating release dates of  games coming later in the year and in 2013. I will be giving a thorough scope of E3 2012’s press conferences from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo. And any surprising titles due for release later this year and next year of 2013. Without furtheradew here we go!

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