Review Steamworld Dig

Written by Twisted Ideas steamworlddig_rusty_banner_big Originally released on the 3DS eShop and eventually steam in 2013 SteamWorld Dig eventually found a new home on the PS Vita and PS4 and more recently the Wii U. SteamWorld Dig is about a robotic mining robot in the wild west. He’s dig into the mines of Tumbletown to discover its secrets while fighting creatures and avoiding traps that may lurk in the depths. Is SteamWorld Dig a buried treasure? Continue reading

Review Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

Written by Twisted Ideas

Good old Square-Enix milking one of their franchises again. Theatrhythm isn’t a spin-off or squeal to a series nobody wanted; it’s their charming and addicting rhythm game for the 3DS. Curtain Call more than doubles the track list of the original but is this simply a cash grab or is there enough to revisit this game again?

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