Review The Last of Us: Left Behind

Written by Twisted Ideas


The first piece of The Last of Us Story DLC has arrived. The Last of Us: Left Behind reveals revolves around Ellie at two unseen points of significance, her time with her best friend Riley and the time after the end of Fall. We had heard in little detail the events that happened between Ellie and Riley during the game but only briefly. Will this be a story worth seeing?

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Article The Last of Us: Left Behind

Written by Twisted Ideas

Naughty Dog’s story DLC for the Last of Us will take us to before Ellie met Joel. This is a story between Ellie and her best friend Riley who she had mentioned briefly during the game.

I am excited for Left Behind because of the strength of The Last of Us’ writing. Prequels tend to be a bad idea. The setup is usually less interesting than the core of a story. Not all video game prequels are bad though (God of War Ghost of Sparda, Batman Arkham Origins, etc). Some prequels are successful because they have the room to create good stories without worrying too much about the baggage from the series. I’m worried about the length of the DLC will limit the story. What I don’t want to happen is Left Behind to take place in a single area or be one extend story sequence. We know how this story ends. What we don’t know is the relationship between Ellie and Riley only based off the game. This needs to be the focus rather than the finale.