News Touch My Katamari – Prologue Trailer

Written by Twisted Ideas

Everything that you need to know about Katamari is in this trailer.

The Katamari series returns on the Playstation Vita. Touch My Katamari is set to be released February 22. If you happen to own a Playstation Vita then keep on rolling some stars.

Review Catherine

Written by Twisted Ideas

Catherine is developed by Atlus’s Persona Team know for the popular Persona JRPG series. Unlike Persona, Catherine is a puzzle game. You play as Vincent Brooks, a software developer in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Katherine. You wake up in a nightmare climbing a collapsing tower. The next morning Vincent and Katherine discuss their relationship. Later than night after his friends leave the bar Vincent stays to reflect and meets a woman. He finds himself in the nightmare again discovering that if he can survive and climb the eight floors he can escape the nightmares. Upon waking up is in bed with the beautiful woman from the bar also named Catherine.

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