Review The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Written by Twisted Ideas

Link is back in Nintendo’s signature The Legend of Zelda franchise. I’m going to cut to the chase right now, Skyward Sword is a good “Zelda” game even great. The problem is we have been spoiled with games like Batman Arkham City, Uncharted 3, etc that are action packed and throw you in the action right away. Zelda takes a while before the real adventure starts and the game’s action isn’t as nail biting as shooters or brawlers. Another hard sell is people without a Wii or Wii Motion Plus. Zelda is an adventure game designed to be lengthy and always has. If you are fine with that and even if you need an additional investment for Wii Motion Plus Skyward Sword is well worth your time.

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Article Uncharted 2 Free DLC

Written by Twisted Ideas

The Playstation Network is offering all Uncharted 2 DLC free for Playstation Plus users.

Uncharted 2: Among ThievesNaughty Dog has not excluded any piece of DLC in this mega deal. All Multiplayer Maps, Siege Expansion Pack, Character Skins, Golden Weapon Mods, Avatars, Dynamic Theme and the four part Motion Comic “Eye of Indra” are included.

This is obviously to promote Uncharted 3 that is releasing on November 1st. Even if you aren’t going to play the multiplayer again the avatars, theme and the motion comic that I haven’t even heard of before are a nice bonus.  This is an unbeleivable value and I am always fond of free stuff. Get it while you still can.