News Bloodborne 1.04 Patch Update Notes

Written by Twisted Ideas


From Software has just released their version 1.04 patch update and submitted their patch notes on Sony’s PlayStation blog. The changes make a lot of things work better and make things more convenient. These are changes that probably should have been implemented from the start but it’s good to see that they have been made. Most of these changes are self explanatory but I’ll give some insight on some most of the changes.

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Article PlayStation Version 4.30 update notes

Written by Twisted Ideas

Yet another mandatory update to the PlayStation. This time it is Version 4.30. It makes PS Vita trophies appear on the PlayStation 3 and moves the Trophy Collection to the PlayStation Network section of the XMB. You can also change the view mode of trophies to offline and online mode. Offline mode is the same as you would see trophies normally. Online mode views trophies similarly as when you compare trophies with a friend showing your progress as well.

To anyone who doesn’t have a Vita doesn’t benefit what so ever. So thank you for the mandatory update Sony. I don’t know why this couldn’t have been added with Version 4.25, neither are urgent or major updates. I’m also not sure why it had to move the Trophy Collection in the XMB. It’s like moving your bed in your room. You know it’s still there and still does a good job at being a bed but it’s just weird.