Review Infamous First Light

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Since I happen to buy and review Infamous Second Son and while the standalone expansion is free the same month I’ve decided to review Infamous First Light. First Light focuses on Fetch and her past briefly mentioned in Second Son. Does Fetch’s neon filled adventure shine a new light to this franchise?

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Review Infamous: Second Son

Written by Twisted Ideas


It was has been three years between games when Infamous 2 surprisingly closed the idea of a trilogy with Cole MacGrath. Fans of the series have been on their toes waiting to see if the series would ever return. When Infamous Second Son was finally announced and released last year, fans were anxious to see where the series would go next. There hasn’t been as much fanfare since the game’s release. Is it the smaller install base or is it because Second Son doesn’t live up to the series’ standard.

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News Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Release Date and Demo Impressions

Written by Twisted Ideas

A post on Sony’s PlayStation blog has revealed that Sly Cooper Thieves in Time will be released February 5th 2013 on both the PS3 and PS Vita in North America. Those who buy the game on the PS3 will receive a free download for the PS Vita version of the game.

I had just recently played the demo of Thieves in Time that was included with the Ratchet and Clank Collection. I was planning to write a first impressions but due to the length of the demo I scrapped it until a good opportunity arose.

The demo features one playable mission that’s roughly five minutes in length. You play as Sly in a circus themed level to meet with on of his past relatives. Sly feels as he did in the previous game platforming complete with acrobatic death-defying abilities. What appears to be the new main feature of the game is the ability to change into a costumes giving Sly new abilities. In the demo Sly changes into a Robin Hood-esque outfit allowing him to create tightropes by shooting arrows at targets.

That’s about it. This is designed as if it was on the PS2. The graphics are better but aren’t pushing the hardware. There are no enemies, no stealth and no real threat. I suspect or rather I hope that this is a tech demo than an actual level for the full game.

The demo feel rushed and unfinished. It is a bad representation of Sly Cooper by showing probably the worst designed level in the series. It’s amazing how excitement can change into worry. It’s also worth noting that Sucker Punch is no longer the developer. A new team named Sanzaru Games has taken the reigns for our favourite raccoon. They don’t have a large resume of games developed but the most notable ones are Secret Agent Clank and The Sly Collection. If you want to play the demo for Sly your better off getting old PS2 copies of the trilogy or the HD collection.