Review No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise

Written by Twisted Ideas

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise is a HD port of the original version on the Wii developed by Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufactures. You play as Travis Touchdown, an otaku who won a lightsaber beam katana on an online auction. Travis hears about an assassin and tries his new beam katana and kills him. Upon winning Travis is told by an organizer Silvia Krystal that he has defeated the Rank 11th assassin and fight and kill his way to the top. Silvia promising sex if he becomes motivates him to fight his way through 10 unique and colourful assassins on his way to Rank 1.

Heroes Paradise is not just a graphical upgrade, Paradise add DLC, PS Move support, a cutscene viewer and bosses from No More Heroes 2. New modes are also added. Score Attack allows you to re-fight bosses and allows you to upload high scores to leaderboards. Very Sweet mode is a new difficulty setting that gives a majority of the female cast skimpier outfits.

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