Review The Last of Us

Written by Twisted Ideas


It has been far too long since Naughty Dog has given us a game that wasn’t Uncharted. However great the Uncharted series was, it has yet to be seen if they can create magic again. The Last of Us taps into the over-saturated post apocalyptic market to tell a personal stories. In an industry where singleplayer games are becoming financially riskier to make, does The Last of Us have what it takes to endure and survive?

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Article Street Fighter X Tekken EB Games Tournament / First Impressions

Written By Twisted Ideas

Our local EB GamesĀ  held a Street Fighter X Tekken tournament March 6, 2012 the day of release for the launch of the game. This was an internally run tournament and the first of its kind in this particular EB. Myself and Coolboycorporate entered and I give you a rundown on how things went.

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