Review Rocket League

Written Twisted Ideas


A sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, Rocket League cuts out all of the fluff of the single player of SARPBC to focus on the unique soccer gameplay. Without a dedicated single player component, does Rocket League really take off?

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Review SSX Deadly Descents

Written by Afroson

The return of SSX has many fans including myself pumped of a revival which has been waiting for the franchises ascension upon the PlayStation 3’s debut of 2007. As an arcade, non-realistic snowboarding game it exemplifies super-decked out tricks of crazy hang time, long duration of grinding on rails, knocking down your opponents using the analog stick, and unlocking better boards to improving the perks of speed and tricks. With SSX’s roots going deep beyond ten years with a great predecessor in SSX Tricky, does SSX Deadly Descents return prove to be triumphant or a downhill avalanche of pain?
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