News New Nintendo System Transfer

Written by Twisted Ideas

Nintendo released a step by step video for the launch of the New Nintendo 3DS and how to transfer your old system data between systems. This video is a bit misleading because it makes it seem that this is the only way to transfer your old data. You will ONLY have to open the new system to access the Micro SD hard if the original SD card (or data in it) is larger than the 4 GB micro SD card in the New 3DS. This can be done wirelessly between the two consoles but it does take a while.

News Touch My Katamari – Prologue Trailer

Written by Twisted Ideas

Everything that you need to know about Katamari is in this trailer.

The Katamari series returns on the Playstation Vita. Touch My Katamari is set to be released February 22. If you happen to own a Playstation Vita then keep on rolling some stars.