Review Pokemon X and Y

Written by Twisted Ideas


Pokemon finally has the makeover that people wanted for the main series to have for a long time. The 6th Generation of Pokemon is here coming to the 3DS presented with fully 3D graphics and animations. The long-standing competitive RPG has had a very good run on the DS, all 9 of them. There was Pokemon Overload for a couple of years which saw a decline in the fan base. After taking a few years to clean up for the new handheld does Pokemon X and Y play as good as it looks.

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Review Elemental Monster Online Card Game

Written by Twisted IdeasI stumbled across this game when looking at the free games for Playstation Plus users. I have always had a fondness of trading card games even though I haven’t bought a booster for any card game for at least eight years now so I gave it a shot. I thought it was okay at the time but was too busy but I’ve played it again recently and it is actually pretty nifty. The interesting thing with this game is that there isn’t an accompanying paper version of the game and in terms of trading card games is actually is different from Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh and other trading card games.

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