Preview Final Fantasy XV Demo

Written by Twisted Ideas


A home demo for Final Fantasy XV was released with the purchase of Final Fantasy Type-0 this week. I got my hands on the demo and played through it the other day. Is Final Fantasy XV something that fans should be worried about?

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News Final Fantasy XV – Jump Festa 2014 Gameplay Trailer

Written by Twisted Ideas

Another gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy XV has emerged. While it doesn’t show off too much the gameplay does give off a Kingdom Hearts vibe. It’s not the same level of over the top action later Kingdom Hearts games had but real-time combat is something that I’ve been waiting for since Final Fantasy XII when it introduced open world gameplay. Not having a battle screen in combination of with having huge monsters roaming like we’ve seen in Final Fantasy XIII on Gran Pulse is exciting; If the game focuses a lot of field combat like Xenoblade Chronicles then we can have a very fun action game with the potential of a lot of exploration.

Final Fantasy XV is still in early development for the PS4 and the Xbox One.

Trailer Final Fantasy XV

Written by Twisted Ideas

The new gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy XV has just been posted from Tokyo Game Show. Say what you will about the series, there are a couple of interesting gameplay mechanics that are catching my interest. Game looks like it will feature real time combat, it looks like the type of action game combat that I wanted FF XII to have. The graphics look great, the environments look vast and the wildlife is huge and impressive. There are also a few subtle visual touches that adds a lot of realism that we don’t really get a lot of in games. No word on a release date but I’m looking forward to this one.